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How to Maintain Your Staffing Agency’s Competitive Edge in the Summer

It’s Time to Eclipse Your Competitors Summer is a tough time for staffing firms. You’re challenged with a seasonal workforce decrease through vacation time, a less active talent pool, and higher turnover rates. The result is increased competition with your...
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Always Be the First to Know: How to Get a Job by Being Headhunted

It’s Easy – Just Say Yes! You’ve been contacted by a headhunter. It’s made you feel good. It means you’re being recognized for your achievements in the staffing industry. And in today’s job market, headhunters are the ones who have...
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Tips for Staffing Industry Success – Connecting With Candidates

Strategic Relationship Building Success in staffing is all about the relationships you build. But relationships take time, and they take work to develop and maintain. With the right approach, though, you’ll find that all the effort you put into relationship...
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Friends Working Together – Is It a Good Idea?

Your Friends Know You – Or Do They? Friends working together. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But is it a good career move? You’ve just been invited to apply for a job where your best friend works. “It’s a great opportunity....
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How Do You Prepare for Life as a Division Director of Staffing?

Do You Have What It Takes? The title Division Director of Staffing is one of the most coveted roles in the recruitment world. It’s one of the highest-paid positions in the industry and, according to Payscale.com, pays an average salary...
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In the Staffing Industry, People Join Leaders, Not Jobs

Develop the Leadership to Drive Your Business Forward In the staffing industry, hiring good managers is imperative to retaining good staff. According to a 2017 Gallup survey of one million U.S. workers, 75% said they would quit their jobs because...
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Don’t Chew Tobacco! Mistakes to Avoid in Virtual Interviews

7 Things Not to Do in Virtual Meetings Virtual interviews (ie. Zoom or Skype) are hurdles that seem to trip up many candidates. Some mistakes made on video calls are embarrassing at best, and indefensible at worst. Who would have...
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How Does a Staffing Firm Find Its Next C-Suite Hire?

Why Do You Need a Staffing-for-Staffing Partner? Using a staffing partner for hiring into your C-suite helps you overcome many of the challenges of hiring senior staff within the industry. These challenges include: Demand – top-level executives can pretty much...
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Talented ‘Non-Jobseekers’ Should Always Be Interested

5 Reasons to Talk to a Recruiter When You Receive That Call You’ve been asked about your willingness to consider a new position in staffing. You’re not sure whether to accept the invite for an ‘off-the-record’ chat. You’re happy in...
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