How Does a Staffing Firm Find Its Next C-Suite Hire?

Why Do You Need a Staffing-for-Staffing Partner?

Using a staffing partner for hiring into your C-suite helps you overcome many of the challenges of hiring senior staff within the industry. These challenges include:

  • Demand – top-level executives can pretty much choose where they want to work and have a huge say on their terms and conditions
  • Competition – your competitors are likely to be seeking the same talent
  • Already employed – most executive leaders are already employed and are not actively seeking a move
  • Anonymity – you don’t want your competitors to know you are looking to hire

In this article, we tell you how a professional staffing-for-staffing partner will overcome these obstacles and secure your next C-suite hire.

Know What to Expect

What can you expect from a good executive recruiter to fill that all important high-level position? Whether you are looking for Directors, Board Members, or your next CEO, here is what you should expect from a partnership with a specialist staffing-for-staffing agency.

1.     Collaborative Working

An experienced search firm will want to get close to you – not in a first date kind of way. They will want to know about you, your organization, its structure, your mission, and the company culture. There is no such thing as oversharing here. Tell them about your dreams, passions, and goals for the future. They need to build a full business picture if they are going to source you the best fit for your high-level position.

2.     Job Description

Work with your talent strategist to create a killer job description that they can sell with ease. Don’t be shy about your ideal candidate. Consider what experience and expertise you want them to bring to the business. Can they demonstrate significant decision-making, handle huge responsibility, and prioritize success? Can they strategize and drive the team forward to meet your business aspirations?

3.     The Package

Do discuss the package and the deal that you are willing to offer – remember, it needs to be attractive enough to entice talent. Plan and budget for the additional internal costs including the recruitment fee.

Consider the package as a whole – including a signing-on bonus, health and wellness benefits, car, share options, etc.

4.     Insider Input

Once your talent strategist has sourced prospective executives, who will be interviewing and assisting in the selection process? If you are recruiting to replace an existing C-suite executive who is moving on or retiring, you might decide to seek their input. Who better to ask the right questions and assess for corporate fit than the person already in the role?

5.     Let the Hunt Begin

This is where your talent strategist really comes into its own. Executives expect to be headhunted. The trick is to hunt in the right places. Your partners should know exactly where to sniff out the best candidates that match the detailed information you have provided. Their job is to track and hunt down top-quality candidates and knock hard (but subtly) on the right doors!

They should screen and check all relevant employment history before presenting them to you as a possible match. Only advanced recruiting methods will provide you with the very best candidates.

Do Your Research

Before you partner with a staffing-for-staffing firm, make sure you know what they can offer. Do your research, gather as much information as you can, and build trust. Always select a partner that specializes in C-suite hiring.

The fit of your new employee needs to be as near perfect as possible, otherwise it is going to be a very costly mistake.

Work with the Best

At EnabledForce we excel in executive search for staffing firms. With over two decades of experience in the industry we are known as the Wolves of Staffing because we are smart, relentless, resourceful, and successful.

We pride ourselves on our client and candidate relationships and proven ability to match the right person to the right role in the right company.

It’s safe to say that when it comes to executive search, you should never send a pup to do an alpha’s job!

Contact EnabledForce now and get the best of the best at your top table.

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