Always Be the First to Know: How to Get a Job by Being Headhunted

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It’s Easy – Just Say Yes!

You’ve been contacted by a headhunter. It’s made you feel good. It means you’re being recognized for your achievements in the staffing industry. And in today’s job market, headhunters are the ones who have their fingers on the pulse with the best staffing opportunities for standout candidates and skills.

On the other hand, you love your current role. You don’t really have the desire to take a position at a competitor. Your boss loves you, too. So you’re going to say no to the invitation for a coffee.

Big mistake. I mean, it’s a perfect networking opportunity, and, as LinkedIn discovered through its research, 85% of all jobs are filled via networking. If you’re networking with headhunters, you’re putting yourself in an excellent position to be the first to know about the most promising staffing jobs.

Still not convinced you should say yes to a coffee with a headhunter? Here’s why you really should.

You Have Nothing to Lose

When it comes to job seekers, not agreeing to meet with a headhunter could be costly. You risk losing out on potential opportunities. Perhaps one that could change your career entirely.

If the opportunity presented isn’t right for you, what have you lost? Half hour of your time for a coffee and chat in return.

It’s a Great Way to Extend Your Network

In today’s job market, finding opportunities can be extremely difficult, even for those with huge experience. Remember that LinkedIn statistic above? The wider and deeper your network is in your niche, the more likely you are to receive great opportunities in the staffing industry. Really, who better is there to network with than a headhunter?

It’s a Great Way to Stay in the Loop with What’s Happening in the Staffing Industry

The downside of staying too close to your own company is that you might not know about all the opportunities available outside. You may not hear of which firms are hiring, technology advances that are taking place, and other trends that will affect you.

From a career point of view, this could be disastrous. It’s important that you network with other people who can let you know what’s up, or give advice on how to move forward in your own career.

You’ll Get the Call Next Time

Headhunters hate to waste their time. They’ll have a coffee with you because they know you’re open to an approach.

Even if you say no to what they are proposing this time, the fact that you are here having a coffee means you’ll get the call next time – when the role they need to fill really is the right one for you. Say no, and you might just find your colleague gets the offer of that more senior role with a 20% uptick in salary. All because you weren’t prepared to sit down and share a coffee.

It’s a Free Coffee!

Who doesn’t like a coffee? And how much better does it taste when it’s free?

How to Get Noticed by Headhunters

It’s not enough to be great at your job if you want to be headhunted. You must get noticed. Here are a few pointers:

  • Spend time networking, both online and at physical events
  • Keep up to date with industry news
  • Share your views and expertise online (especially on LinkedIn)
  • Maintain your social media profiles

When you get that call, don’t hesitate to say yes to a coffee. Trust the time they’ve spent on identifying you as a promising and skilled candidate for the role. You can always say no to a job that they discuss with you, but only if you say yes to a free coffee.

Don’t be nervous of meeting with a headhunter. Get out of your comfort zone and explore different possibilities. Career opportunities that you would not have otherwise heard about if you had not accepted that coffee.

If you haven’t yet had that call and are feeling stagnated in your current role, contact EnabledForce today. We are the specialist in the staffing industry.

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Always Be the First to Know: How to Get a Job by Being Headhunted

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