How Do You Prepare for Life as a Division Director of Staffing?

director of staffing

Do You Have What It Takes?

The title Division Director of Staffing is one of the most coveted roles in the recruitment world. It’s one of the highest-paid positions in the industry and, according to, pays an average salary of around $82k per year.

If you are serious about progressing into this role, you have probably already climbed the ranks in the staffing industry. Beginning at entry-level all those years ago, you have honed your skills, hit your targets, and proven your worth.

You already stand out as a staffing consultant and manager, but the question is, how do you go on to prepare for life as a Director of Staffing?

What Does It Take to Be a Branch Director of Staffing?

You have become an absolute ace at sourcing those hard-to-find candidates. You are considered highly experienced in the field, and are now in the mid to latter part of your career.

What are the skills and attributes you need to help you storm this operational role?

·      Recruitment Experience

No, we don’t mean the kind you have been knocking it out of the park for the past 10 years!

Yes, you will need to recruit for your division, but what about supervision and development of those staff once you have secured them? Training and development of your team are going to be key in retaining a great workforce.

You will be required to help with HR issues such as misconducts, company policy and procedure, compliance, payroll, etc. This could be a steep learning curve, but if you are personable and quick to learn you are well on your way.

·      Balance the Books

The division budgets will be your responsibility. You will likely be involved in projecting and maintaining expense control. You will be required to budget the division finances in line with branch profit levels.

The money aspect doesn’t stop there. In this heavily target-driven industry you will be answerable to stakeholders for achieving division targets. In turn, it’s your job to ensure your staff contribute via individual targets.

·      Ensure Compliance

Whether it’s federal, state, or local employment laws governing workplace and employment, the buck stops with you as Director of Staffing for the division. Make sure you remain updated with employment legislation knowledge to keep things running smoothly.

Know your company policies and procedures inside and out. Familiarize yourself with the health and safety protocols of the company for both staff and visitors. Remain constantly alert and evaluating the environment for any issues or breaches.

Soft Skills Will Propel Your Career

While your technical knowledge has been a major driver of your success to date, as you move further up the ladder and into the C-Suite it is your soft skills that become increasingly prevalent and relevant. These are what develop your evolution from doing, to managing, to leading.

·      Ability to Prioritize

You must be able to prioritize your workload and quickly identify what needs urgent attention and what doesn’t. You are the leader of the pack here, and you will need to help your staff with this. They expect leadership and healthy decision-making.

·      Understand When to Delegate

While it’s important you feel in control of the business, it’s equally important to know when to delegate. Being a ‘control freak’ will not serve you well. Take on the key priorities and delegate the rest to maximize your effectiveness as a leader.

·      Pay Attention to Detail

Be organized. It’s a fast-paced, ever-moving environment you are looking after here. As Director of Staffing, you cannot afford to drop a single ball. You will be expected to see the big picture and keep an eye on the detail, simultaneously.

·      Lead by Example

This is about attitude, pure and simple. Demonstrate an excellent work ethic and plenty of drive to help your team remain motivated and on track. Your main aim is to manage those key accounts and build the business. Model the behavior you want your team to mirror and create a super culture.

·      Adaptability

Market conditions in staffing are an ever-swinging pendulum. Be ready to adapt quickly and always know where the market is. When the economy is good, recruitment is easier. When it’s down, the challenge is always how to generate sales.

Get Yourself a Staffing Agency

Working as a Division Director is a big step. A specialist staffing agency will help you identify your transferable skills and where your experience fits the job requirement. They will also understand which companies will be a good cultural fit for your talents and personality.

Of course, you already know what a good staffing agency can do for you, right?

What Are You Waiting For?

You have considered the extra responsibility and are confident you have what it takes to become a great Director of Staffing. You are determined to make that change and step up in your career, so what are you waiting for?

Partner with the Wolves of Staffing. We work with the best candidates, sourcing those most coveted roles and sharing them solely with our pack.

Come join us. Contact EnabledForce now, and step your career up a notch.

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