How to Maintain Your Staffing Agency’s Competitive Edge in the Summer

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It’s Time to Eclipse Your Competitors

Summer is a tough time for staffing firms. You’re challenged with a seasonal workforce decrease through vacation time, a less active talent pool, and higher turnover rates. The result is increased competition with your staffing rivals.

But summer can also be a great time for your business, with the right strategies in place. Here, we show you how your staffing agency can stand out and keep active in a hot and sticky atmosphere.

The Challenges of Hiring in the Summer

Staffing agencies face a lot of challenges during the summer. The most significant challenge is that there is a severe shortage of talent in some industries. This shortage can be attributed to students going abroad for internships and apprenticeships, and active and passive candidates taking time off to enjoy their summer vacation.

Yet, your clients must keep moving forward. To find the right talent for your clients in a competitive market, you’re going to need to become flexible, creative, and strategic.

Why Strategic Planning Is Important for a Successful Summer Season

Strategic planning is important because it allows companies to have a clear direction on what they will be focusing on today, and prepare for even busier times in the fall when more candidates are ready to make professional changes. This way, your staffing firm can set goals for competitive advantage.

Ways to Create a Strategic Plan That Works for Your Business

Here’s how your staffing plan can execute competitive dominance right now:

1.     Target More Passive Candidates

Ensure your staffing team are tapping into the 81% of passive candidates who would consider leaving their jobs for the right offer – and drastically widen your talent pool.

2.     Shorten the Application Process

Act swiftly with a streamlined hiring process or see your best candidates sign with your competitors first.

3.     Promote Your Clients’ Company Culture

Take ample time understanding the buy-in of your clients’ culture, and market it to your candidates for long-term job satisfaction in well-matched work environments.

4.     Offer Flexible and Convenient Scheduling

Edging into more flexible timeslots to accommodate the needs of your clients and candidates will invite them to join forces with your team over others.

5.     Provide Excellent Benefits

From flexibility to various contracts, to exceptional service and extras such as comprehensive candidate packs. Create benefits that differentiate your staffing firm from competitors and make you the go-to for all parties and, ultimately, the most successful and rewarding partner for clients and candidates.

6.     Identify Your Goals and Objectives

Define quantitative targets and objectives so your staffing team are clear on what they need to achieve. Without a target or destination, it’s much harder to plan how to get there. Outline:

  • Individual targets
  • Team targets
  • Daily targets
  • Client deadlines
  • Competitors’ positions

Breaking down your goals and objectives into smaller milestones will allow your team to achieve and remain motivated, particularly when competitors have raised the bar.

7.     Understand Your Competition and Client Needs

To have a competitive edge, you need to understand what your competition is doing and what your clients need.

Understanding your competition means understanding their values, goals, and strengths. How can you serve your clients and candidates better than they can?

You also need to understand what matters to your clients and candidates – what they value, how they think and behave. Understanding these things gives you the competitive edge to stand out.

8.     Develop a Long-Term Strategy

A staffing agency needs to develop a long-term strategy which hinges on three things: talent, technology, and the market. Our consulting solutions can help you co-create and implement customized plans addressing any identified gaps.

9.     Maintain Training

Make the most of longer, motivational, Vitamin-D-supercharged summer days, and invest in time for professional development, training, and coaching. Take it outdoors over an iced coffee and lunch. You’ll boost team morale and competitive edge too.

Unleash Your Staffing Firm’s Potential This Summer

Summer’s a time for relaxing and enjoying lazy, longer lunch breaks – if your competitors say so. Leave that to them. Meanwhile, you’re surging ahead and standing in poll position to lead the staffing industry, bringing results your clients need today and well into the fall and winter.

Contact EnabledForce for a unique assessment and strategy, and discover how we can help you position your staffing agency to be as strong as the sun on a summer’s day, and outshine your competitors.

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