It’s Not Your Salary Preventing You from Hiring a New Division Director. What Do Top-Quality Candidates Really want?

What the best in the business really value most

You thought hiring a new division director would be relatively easy. You’re recruiting for a successful business, you’ve posted on every job site, and you’ve shared the vacancy on your LinkedIn profile.  You’ve sounded out your network.

You’ve had applications, but none are quite up to the job. You haven’t attracted the quality candidates you are hoping for.

You check the salary on the job description – it must be the money. But what you’re advertising seems rewarding and reflective of the role.

We’ve got news for you: it’s not the salary that is preventing you attracting the top candidates. While salary is a factor, it’s not the dealbreaker that many consider it to be. The best division directors want so much more.

What Is a Top-Quality Candidate?

To find the best candidate for the job, you must define who it is you’re looking for. When you think of what defines a top-quality candidate, you think of someone who is well-qualified and experienced for the role of division manager. Someone who will likely remain integral to the company for the long term, all the while contributing to the business goals.

How will they do this? While they bring their experience and expertise to the table, only you can provide the right environment for them to thrive. They know this.

This is where you can make the difference. This is where you offer not just a figure, but a professional and rewarding future in which the best in the business can flourish and succeed.

Your Values Are Important

Your corporate values can become your competitive advantage. Top-quality candidates want to feel inspired, so they can deliver to their teams and clients in a powerful and effective way.

They want to work for companies whose values align with their own, who believe in them, and encourage them to do their best.

Review the culture of your company. Seek to promote a feeling of being valued and supported within the organisation. Talk about the values of the company on the job description, and in person.

The cultural values of a company are worth much more to top talent than the value of a salary.

Give Your Division Director Autonomy

To allow your division director autonomy is to trust in them. Demonstrate that your organisation:

  • Has a culture of trust
  • Encourages measured risk taking
  • Exercises high levels of communication, ensuring adequate support and resources

Allow top talent the freedom to do what they do best, and they are more likely to join you – and stay.

Be a Great Place to Work

Most candidates want to work in a company that has status in its industry. The best candidates want to work with the best. Boost your company status by sharing awards and accolades. Give the top talent an enticing reason to come aboard a winning ship with a promising horizon.

Being the best doesn’t always mean having the biggest trophy cabinet. A great place to work can also showcase exceptional staff incentives and camaraderie, support, and counselling networks, both inside and outside of work, and a focus on the wellbeing of its people.

The top talent wish to know that they’ll be supported throughout their professional career.

Offer Opportunities for Personal Development

Are you content to hire a division director with no ambition to progress further in your company? The most talented candidates want to further their careers, and they want to work for a company that will invest in this.

Make your ideal candidate feel empowered. Ask them. Find out how they want to develop. Where they want or need the support to excel. Give them the reassurance that your company offers so much more than an annual review.

Retain the top talent you’ve obtained by committing to making them feel comfortable discussing their personal development as and when they require. Just like a business reassesses how it works, so too do the crucial cogs within it.


Having a successful business is only possible with the right people on board. Persuading top talent to join you and enhance your top team is not a conundrum solved by money alone.

The best in the business look way deeper than the salary on your post. You need to deliver real value through alignment of values, career opportunities, and support for training and development.

Top-quality candidates will be offered top-quality salaries by other employers. To attract the best and put yourself ahead of the competition, you must offer more than a high salary.

To find top-quality executives in staffing for your staffing agency, contact EnabledForce today.

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