If Your Staffing Agency Isn’t Hitting the Bullseye, You Are Targeting Your Clients Incorrectly

Focusing on Clients, Services, Message, and Brand Promise

As a staffing agency, marketing is a large part of your business. Unless you get your message across effectively, you’ll never win the business your expertise and experience merits. But even if you have honed your message to perfection, if you aren’t targeting your clients effectively your marketing will fail.

Indeed, according to a host of marketing specialists (including Brandwise, WOWSOME, Digital Doughnut, and many others), not understanding your audience, or not defining your audience, is the number one reason for the failure of marketing.

In this article, we share a few tactics that will help you target your audience more effectively and boost your marketing outcomes.

First Rule of Marketing: Care for Your Current Clients

It amazes us how so many staffing agencies chase new business from new clients to boost their revenues, while neglecting what’s under their nose. It’s way easier to market your services to clients who have already benefited from them.

Studies show that Pareto’s Law certainly holds true in marketing. If you don’t know, Pareto’s Law states that 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes. Put another way, 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients. Or 80% of marketing results come from 20% of marketing efforts.

Pareto’s Law simply says to work smarter, not harder. Keep in touch and align with your current clients. Remind them who you are, what you do, and how damned good you do it. Remind them of the successes they have had by hiring through you.

Your current clients are a great (largely untapped) source of new business. They could also become your most productive advocates, referring your services to others.

Discover Gaps in Your Market

When was the last time you studied your competition? Knowing what other staffing agencies in your niche are doing, and how they are doing it, will help you learn what the market is missing – the gaps that you can fill.

As you learn more about your competitors, you’ll also discover what they are doing exceptionally well, and which of your services you can improve. This includes your web content and online marketing – your digital presence is becoming increasingly important to reach out and pull in new business.

As your competitor knowledge improves, so, too, will your marketing ideas and strategies.

Know Your Target Clients

Now it’s time to get to understand your target audience. Who are the organizations that you should be reaching out to? Blanket marketing rarely works, if ever. It’s not a numbers game. Market smart, not hard (and yes, you should be thinking about our friend Pareto again).

To understand your target clients better, you must first do some research. What services are they using, and which are they using most? What are their major areas of need? What services do they value most highly, and why?

Market research is critical to improve your understanding of your target clients. It will help you to focus on their goals – and market your services as the solution to their problems.

Create Client Personas

With a deeper and more complete knowledge of your current clients, your competitors, and your target audience, you can develop client personas. This will help you to target the right message at the right client – and mean that you aren’t bombarding every target with marketing messages that they don’t need or want.

Why is this important? Have you ever subscribed to a service or website? You probably did so for a particular reason, right? And you ticked the box that allows the company to send you marketing. Now your inbox is full of emails informing you of all the company’s latest offers. You never bother reading them. You’ve switched off. Eventually you will delete your subscription.

The same principal holds true for staffing agencies. Provide meaningful insights and informative content that your clients want to read, because they know it is relevant to them. Do this, and they will engage with your marketing. And to do this, you must know what each of your clients wants, and target them accordingly.

Compose Meaningful Messages

Now you’re getting somewhere. You know your target audience, and you know what services they use and what services they desire most. The next piece of the puzzle is to compose marketing messages that are meaningful to them:

  • Target their need
  • Empathize with their issues
  • Offer a solution

Deliver on Your Brand Promise with a Splash of Personality

The most successful staffing agencies understand and execute marketing. However, being great at targeting your clients and marketing your services to them is not the beginning, middle, and end of the strategy. You then must follow through.

You must deliver on your promise. You’ve got to solve your clients’ pain points like you said you could. Time after time. And do it with a splash of your own personality. Because it is this that will set you apart from your competition as they try to reproduce your success.

Hit the Bullseye with Your Marketing

At Enabled Force, our mission is to help you improve your staffing agency business. Our 5-step assessment approach, coupled with our vast experience, delivers insight into your staffing agency’s sales effectiveness gaps – the gaps that could be the roadblocks to your ability to dominate within your peer group.

To learn more, contact EnabledForce today.

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