Hiring for a Staffing Leader? Should You Use Executive Search?

5 Benefits of Search Consultancy for Hiring into the C-Suite

You need a new Staffing Leader. You know the skillsets you seek – the hard and soft talents that will help to drive the team forward and develop the business toward its objectives. If you make a poor hire, it could be disastrous.

If you leave your division rudderless for an extended period, the cost of ineffective leadership mounts quickly. Missed business, poor relationship management, and a lack of focus on strategic aims are only three of the problems your business will suffer.

Not only do you need to hire the right person, but you need to hire them fast. Should you work with an experienced executive search consultant?

Here are five of the benefits of partnering with executive search consultants.

1.    You Gain Access to Incredible Candidates

Good is not good enough. You need an executive who will be a game-changer. A leader who will help your company stand out, increase revenue, and develop profitable strategies.

You may have exhausted your list of potential candidates and had no joy from your existing network. No one fits your ideal profile.

A company with executive search capacity will bring access to a larger pool of talent from many industries. Their network of contacts allows them to cast their net even wider. The result? A pool of highly-qualified candidates from the exclusive passive talent pool that is currently inaccessible to you.

2.    Confidentiality Is Maintained

It may be that you need to replace your existing Staffing Leader. It’s going to be crucial to get the right replacement – without rocking the boat. Partnering with a search firm ensures that the potential C-Suite hire does not know who you are until you have approved them.

In short, when confidentiality is key, working with an executive search company will help you maintain discretion in the market.

3.    You Avoid Damaging Existing Relationships

You’re in a relationship industry, and you cannot afford to damage your existing relationships or develop a reputation for ‘poaching’ senior executives from clients or competitors. Working with an impartial third-party partner ensures your reach is kept at arm’s length and your reputation of being a trustworthy partner is maintained.

4.    You Get the Best-Fit Candidate

You’ll receive advice on more than a candidate’s skillset, their ability, and their knowledge. You’ll learn more about why a candidate is the perfect fit, with the consultant considering factors such as ambition, emotional intelligence, and culture.

The best executive search firms offer far more than outreach to potential candidates. They will work with you to help you identify internal talent and training needs to help you develop a succession strategy that future-proofs your senior management team.

5.    Your Offer Will Be Compelling

Not only will the search firm share their market knowledge with you, but they can also give inside information that may be difficult to discover otherwise. You’ll be helped with putting together a package that both aligns with the market and is compelling to the candidate.

When Should You Use Executive Search Services?

You want to maintain your advantage in your market. Perhaps you want to gain the advantage from a competitor. You have identified that the key is to fill the role. Your best strategy could be to partner with an executive search firm if any of the following apply:

  • You require focus, dedication, confidentiality, and impartiality
  • You are seeking to assess internal talent against external candidates
  • It is important that candidates are properly vetted for suitability
  • You have exhausted your own network
  • You want to benefit from additional services and market data

In our role as partners to staffing and services firms, we offer a comprehensive package of services that includes consulting services, effectiveness assessments, direct hire, and market insight.

To learn more about how we can help you, contact EnabledForce today to supercharge your search for staff.

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